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The political crisis in Britain due to Brexit

The political crisis in Britain due to Brexit

On Monday, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain which is the number one person in the state, was forced to withdraw the agreement with the EU that was previously signed by her this Tuesday (December 11).

This is a public acknowledgment of the fact that the British Prime Minister does not have a majority in parliament, moreover on the main issue of his policy.

This can only be called a political crisis.

True, Theresa May said that she hopes to get a majority in parliament by agreement with the EU - f she receives concessions from the EU on the issue of the border with Ireland.

Against this background, the EU convenes an emergency summit on Thursday - on the question of the possible withdrawal of Britain from the EU without any agreement (hard option). Perhaps at the summit will make a concession to Britain.

Against the background of an obvious crisis, the pound fell on Monday, showing new lows of the year.

It is worth noting. However, the significant decline in the pound is very positive for the export of goods from Britain and for attracting tourists.


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