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Gold is in high demand among European investors


According to the observations of experts, the yellow metal causes a keen interest among European investors and is actively acquired by them. According to a survey by the investment company Legg Mason, about 1/4 of investors in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK consider investing in gold to be very profitable. They view the precious metal as an investment in the next 12 months.

Many investors are planning to invest at least 10,000 euros in gold bars next year. The most active interest in gold was demonstrated by investors in Germany and Switzerland, noted in Legg Mason. In favor of buying the yellow metal among the respondents in these countries expressed 30% and 27%, respectively. However, the leaders among the facilities for investing free funds are not gold, but the securities of the national companies of Germany and Switzerland, experts underline.

In the UK, a number of investors, namely 22% of respondents, approve the purchase of gold for the purpose of investing and making a profit. In the US, the number of supporters of the purchase of the yellow metal does not exceed 18%. Most market participants are interested in acquiring precious metals to preserve their savings, analysts sum up.

According to Legg Mason, the head of sales, general optimism about the prospects for the yellow metal may not be justified. He recalled that while investors view gold as an asset "safe haven", the precious metal does not bring interest income like other assets. In the current year, the yellow metal is unlikely to bring tangible income, the analyst believes. Many experts also do not observe serious drivers of growth in gold prices in the short term.

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