Bitcoin has gone parabolic again

Bitcoin up $1000 in two days This is what a parabolic chart looks like. It’s been a steady rise that’s gone absolutely insane. At the high of $5866 earlier today it was up $1000 in two days and it’s still up more than $800 in that time. Copyright 2015

Jamie Dimon picked a fight with the wrong people

Jimon Dimon will be trolled relentlessly The first rule of the internet in 2017 is not to say anything bad about Bitcoin. The true believers are all over the internet and I’m pretty sure they’re fitted with radio-collars that alert them whenever someone says something bad about Bitcoin. Copyright 2015

Baker Hughes US oil rig count 743 vs 748 prior

Weekly oil and gas drilling rig data from Baker Hughes – Prior was 748 – Gas rigs 185 vs 187 prior – Total rigs 928 vs 936 prior That’s a solid drop. There as talk about a huge jump in US exports but drillers have really flattened out for weeks after months of steady gains.…