Was this another reason for GBP selling?

If it was, it wasn’t much Goldman Sachs CEO Llyod Blankfein fired up his twitter machine today to talk about Brexit in a bit of a troll-job. There’s some talk about GBP-selling on that tweet but that sounds like fitting the move the narrative. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

Merkel says Brexit progress not sufficient to move to Phase 2

Merkel made the comments to reporters arriving in Brussels The comment sounds like a big thumbs-down but she’s upbeat and wants to move forward. “There has been progress. Michael Barnier will report on this. At this point, it’s not yet sufficient to begin the second phase, but it’s encouraging enough to continue working in order…

China Q3 GDP leak: 6.8% y/y

The New York Times reporting the July – September economic growth number for China early Official release is at 0200 GMT If the 6.8% reported by the NYT is correct, it is line with expectations: Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com