Happy Diwali again to all

It’s time to say Happy Diwali again and warmly greet all our readers 19 Oct Otherwise known as Dipawali, or The Festival of Lights, it’s the most important festival in the Indian calendar that began as a Hindu celebration but now has huge significance for all religions across the whole country. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

Here’s a new take on the crash in 1987

There was talk about a tax on M&A activity I’m no scholar on the 1987 crash but I’ve heard the usual explanations. One that I read this week that makes sense is from Matt Maley. He talks about the government had floated a trial balloon regarding a takeover tax. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

Interpreting the Market with Chart Indicators

Learn more about chart indicators and which is best suited for your trading October 19 If you have been trading for long, you’ll know the torrent of technical data sent by analysts, companies, and even other traders. Experienced traders have various ways of wading through this overwhelming amount of information, however novice ones are likely…

European stocks finish lower

…but off the lows Closing changes for the main bourses: – German DAX -0.5% – French CAC -0.4% – UK FTSE 100 -0.3% – Spain IBEX -0.8% – Italy MIB -1.0% The S&P 500 is down 5.5 points at 2556 after falling as low as 2548. No dip is too small to buy in this freight-train…

Was this another reason for GBP selling?

If it was, it wasn’t much Goldman Sachs CEO Llyod Blankfein fired up his twitter machine today to talk about Brexit in a bit of a troll-job. There’s some talk about GBP-selling on that tweet but that sounds like fitting the move the narrative. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

Merkel says Brexit progress not sufficient to move to Phase 2

Merkel made the comments to reporters arriving in Brussels The comment sounds like a big thumbs-down but she’s upbeat and wants to move forward. “There has been progress. Michael Barnier will report on this. At this point, it’s not yet sufficient to begin the second phase, but it’s encouraging enough to continue working in order…