Japan elections: PM Abe big win

An update on the election in Japan – in a nutshell a big majority for Shinzo Abe Public broadcaster NHK report Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party along with its coalition partner (Komeito) look on track for a big majority, at this stage likely above 310 seat threshold in the 465-seat House. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

CMHC CEO: Canadians have a debt problem

That home-equity credit card needs to be paid at some point The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp is a government-backed lender, similar to Fannie and Freddie, and its CEO is worried about too many people using house-price rises to go into debt. Copyright 2015 Forexlive.com

Abe set to remain PM with Japan heading to the polling booths

Voters in Japan are today responding to Abe’s snap-election call 22 Oct Recent opinion polls have pointed to Abe being returned with a comfortable majority in the wake of the opposition imploding but he has already said he will step down as leader if that doesn’t come to fruition.A convincing victory however would raise the likelihood that he will win…